Myo Thetko


I am a highly self-motivated, focused and innovative managed with vast knowledge in Project Management & Mechanical engineering. I have a passion for learning and developing new and existing skills. I am interesting of working environment, schedules and employee. I have desire to improve the human living standard in our country. I am keen to secure a challenging role in a firm that combined both management and engineering which offers early responsibilities and a progressive career path.

⦁ Leadership Skill
⦁ Management Skill
⦁ Communication Skill
⦁ Observation / Summarization Skill
⦁ Disciplined
⦁ Well-organized

⦁ Date of Birth : 27th May, 1979
⦁ Nationality : Myanmar
⦁ Race / Religion : Bamar / Buddha
⦁ NRC : 8/ MaBaNa ( N ) 066979
⦁ Marital Status : Single
⦁ Gender : Male

⦁ Quantification planning
⦁ Process Analysis
⦁ Safety Compliance
⦁ Smart operating machine & driving car
⦁ Machinery and Machine Design
⦁ Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Power Point for Office
⦁ AutoCAD (2D and 3D) and ETABS for Engineering

⦁ 4 skills in English Intermediate level.

⦁ Participate in sports actively.
⦁ Travel to new places.
⦁ Sing dancing songs with playing some musical instrument.
⦁ Read voraciously across many different topics.
⦁ Meditate regularly.

⦁ To plan and monitor the working progress, environment and employee with respect to Time, Quality and Budget in a safety manner.
⦁ To improve the human living standard in our country.


from 1997 to 1999

Mechanical Engineering (Machine Tools & Design) at Associate of Government Technical Institute, Chauk, Myanmar

I had passed & completed the three year course in Mechanical Engineering (Machine Tools & Design). see more Resume file.

from 2005 to 2008( Jan )

Bachelor of Arts ( Economics Specialized ) at University of Distance Education Mandalay

I had passed the Bachelor of Arts Degree, as specialized subject Economics. see more Resume file.


from 1995 to 1996

Intern, Surveying & Drawing Department, Construction. at M.O.G.E (Mann Oil Field) .

I worked as an intern for Surveying & Drawing Department, Construction, M.O.G.E (Mann Oil Field). Myanmar.

from 2000 to 2003

Asst: Project Engineer, Fabrication & installation. at Main: Myanmar Economic Coopreation (MEC) & Sub: Kawasaki Heavy Industries ( KHI ).

I worked as an Assist: Project Engineer, Fabrication & installation of 4000T/day Cement Plant Project (MEC) & Kawasaki Heavy Industries ( KHI ), MyaingKalay, Pha-An, Kayin State, Myanmar.

from 2004 to 2006

Field Service Technician, Oil Well Services. at Schlumberger Logelco Inc.

I worked as a Field Service Technician, Oil Well Services (Cementing), Schlumberger Logelco Inc., TMV, Myanmar.

from 2009 to 2012

Technician of Marine Machine Design & Quality Assurance at KEPPEL (TUAS).

I worked as a Technician of Marine Machine Design & Quality Assurance, KEPPEL (TUAS), Singapore.

from 2013 to 2018

Assist: Factory Manager, Precast & Concrete Pole Manufacturing. at Nippon Concrete & MaGa Manufacturing Co. Ltd,

I worked as an Assist: Factory Manager, Precast & Concrete Pole Manufacturing of Nippon Concrete & MaGa Manufacturing Co. Ltd, Yangon, Myanmar.

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