Improving living standards depends not only on the amount of loan the clients can borrow but also on the amount of money the client save over a period of time. COMPULSORY SAVING is a product that allows clients to learn how to save money for particular purpose as well as for emergency needs.

Why Save With Us!

Voluntary SAVING


1. Term Deposit

Term Deposit is also a type of savings that will be best suited for customers who would like to keep their savings for a definite period. This savings will earn you more interest than others depending on your term of savings.


2. Savings Passbook

By means of Savings Account, customers can save their discretionary income that will earn interest and each cash transaction will be recorded in a savings passbook. There are two types of savings account, Normal Account and Loyal Account.

Either Individual or Joint

Withdrawal Available At Any Time

No Limit Withdrawal Amount

Regular Saving Is Not Necessary

Only SATHAPANA's Client can save Compulsory and Voluntary Savings.