Board of directors


Mr. HAN Ken, Managing Director

Mr. HAN Ken joined MARUHAN Corporation in 2000, after working for Nomura Securities since 1998. In 2007, he was appointed as Director of MARUHAN Corporation and in 2014, rose to become Managing Director. In 2020, he was subsequently appointed as Representative Director. In 2021, he was appointed as President of Financial Company. He is also the Managing Director and CEO/President of MARUHAN Investment Asia Pte. Ltd., which is a Singapore-based financial headquarter. He manages its financial subsidiaries such as SATHAPANA Bank Plc., SATHAPANA Limited in Myanmar, and MARUHAN Japan Bank Lao. He obtained his Bachelor of Law degree from DOSHISHA University in 1997.


Dr. HAN Chang-Woo, Director

Japanese, Dr. HAN Chang-Woo is the founder, Chairman and CEO of MARUHAN Corporation of Japan, which operate and manages a variety of entertainment/amusement facilities such as golf courses, driving ranges, bowling alleys, game centers, restaurants and pachinko parlors (Japanese pinball). He founded MARUHAN Corporation in 1957 and made its business grow rapidly to earn over USD25 billion of annual sales. MARUHAN Corporation is known as the leading company of the industry in Japan. The success in the company’s business growth comes from his strong energy towards pursuing customer satisfaction and high challenging spirit. Currently, he has been actively participating in several associations and working as Administrative Director of Han Chang-Woo Tetsu Cultural Foundation, Director of the Kyoto UNESCO Association, Administrative Officer of the Kyoto Chapter United Nations Association of Japan, and Director of Tokyo Philharmonic. He obtained the Bachelor of Political Economics degree from Hosei University in 1953.


Mr. KIM Vada, Director

Mr. KIM Vada has over 37 years of working experiences with National Bank of Cambodia (NBC), starting as Head of NBC Kandal Provincial Branch up to Director General of Banking Supervision Directorate. During his time at the Central Bank, he held several senior positions at the banking field such as risk management (market, credit, liquidity, operational risks...etc), corporate governance, and business strategy. He played a key role in restructuring the banking system successfully in Cambodia during the 2000s – developing a competitive, safe and sound banking system which has been well regulated and supervised. He has also effectively mobilize saving for financing to stimulate the growth of the Cambodia economy. Mr. Kim obtained a bachelor degree of law in 1975, a Bachelor’s degree in Banking in 1985, and an MBA degree majoring in Finance from Charles Sturt University, Australia in 2003. He has been a lecturer and a guest speaker at some of a well-known universities in Cambodia. Moreover, in the last 10 years, he has been actively participating as a prominent speaker in various conferences and seminars pertaining to the regulatory and supervisory framework, banking and microfinance supervision, mobile banking as well as financial inclusion both locally and internationally. At the international level, he held the position as a chairman of Asia Pacific Rural and Agricultural Credit Association (APRACA) from July 2012 to June 2014 and as an executive member of Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) from January 2015 to June 2017.