Number of Staff for Internal training


Number of staff for external training


Number of Effective Branch Management Training


Number of New Recruits Training

Recruit Training

On boarding tools are provided to newly recruited employees in order to help them to fully understand on company’s policies and procedures. 

The recruits training followed by on-the-job training is provided to all recruits by all relevant departments under the facilitation of Human Resources Department to prepare them before they take on their roles and responsibilities so that they can perform well from the beginning.

Refreshment Training

This training program is designed to keep employees up with the new updates or development of the company. Each and every department will be responsible to refresh staffs on any changes in their policies.


It aims to provide to supervisor level such as (BM, Sub-BM, CLO, DCLO, Accountant/ Assistant Accountant) who are the potential successors of the company.

It provides not only to build up management capacity but also to promote the comprehensive understanding of the employees on microfinance industry with ethical and responsible manners.


This program is designed in aiming to improve the quality of internal promoted BM by providing our company’s trainers with better training skills and knowledge.

The participants in training are not only equipped with required technical skills, the soft and human skills are also provided in order to develop their broader concept.

Talent Management Program

Talent Management program aims for the potential employees among the staff at all levels from Branch and Head office. It is designed to attract, develop, motivate, retain productivity and energize employees to deal with any change in the future.

This program helps employees feel engaged, skilled, and motivated, allowing them to work in the direction of the company’s business goals, which in turn, increases client satisfaction and business performance. Talent management also works to keep current employees and advance them to higher positions in the organization.

MANAGEMENT Trainee Program

Management Trainees are important for SATHAPANA Limited in order to develop leaders and experts who bring new ideas and energy into the company. We want young professionals nationwide to take part in shaping the future of SPNM and be part of our management team and to grow rapidly within a fast-growing multinational company, SATHAPANA Limited Myanmar.

We provide unique opportunities for young professionals to take an internship in Finance, Operations, Marketing, Credit, Risk & Compliance, Internal Audit, Human Resources, Administration, and IT & MIS department.


A career at SATHAPANA Limited is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Every person has the opportunity to create a long and successful career growth as well as personal growth.

SATHAPANA Limited shall support career planning by allowing staff to rotate jobs based on skills, talent, performance, experience and etc.

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