• Under the leadership and guidance of the Union Government and Ministry of Health and Sports, the people of Myanmar are currently taking all feasible measures in fighting against COVID-19 pandemic by joining hands together with related departments, local authorities, and the number of social and philanthropic organizations.

• In order to comply and to be in line with the new development of situations, SATHAPANA Limited has suspended the activities in mass crowded at all its branches across Myanmar, such as disbursement, repayment collection, accepting of savings, recruiting of new clients, and promotion of financial literacy effective from (6.4.2020) to (30.4.2020). The required directive also has been issued to all branches since 6.4.2020.

• During the suspension period, the branch offices are opened with not more than 5-people including Branch Manager in order to respond emergency needs and requirements only, such as disbursement for emergency loans and accepting of repayment collection if the clients are willing to make it.

• Repayments are not collected aggressively. For those who are facing genuine problems, the repayment shall be collected by cooperation and coordination with clients in understanding that the economic condition of clients can be badly affected due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and such instruction also has been already issued to branches.

• SATHAPANA is making every possible efforts to provide sustainable financial services to its clients while following the ordinance and instructions from Prevention, Control and Treatment of COVID-I9 Committee and local authorities at a different level, and the instructions, procedures, and guidelines related to COVID-19 from Ministry of Health and Sports.

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