Htamanè festival 2020

The Htamane festival, also known as the Glutinous Rice Festival, is one of the major festivals in Myanmar. It is celebrated around full moon day of Tabodwe, the eleventh month in Buddhist lunar Calendar (between late January and early February). It is a traditional festival, as the completion of the harvest, by cooking glutinous rice together.


The ingredients are glutinous rice, roasted peanuts, sesame, fried coconut, ground nut oil, salt and ginger. Cooking of htamane is a harmonious job that needs team spirit, unity, and of course coordination among participants. Myanmar people used to celebrate the htamane festival in competition with prize-rewards for the best glutinous rice.


With aiming to encourage the unity and team spirit among employees, SATHAPANA has organized its 1st Htamane Festival on 14.2 2020. CEO, managements and all staff of HO have participated in the event together. The delicacy has been distributed to all staff and neighbors after creation of it with common effort.



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