Thadingyut Festival

Thadingyut, seventh month in Myanmar calendar, is the end of Buddhist length. Thadingyut lighting festival is celebrated for 3 days; the day before full moon day, full moon day, and the day after full moon day, and Thadingyut is the second biggest festival in Myanmar after new year water festival.

During Thadingyut festival, pagodas and homes are decorated and illuminated with colored electric lights, colorful paper lanterns, candles, and oil lamp (consisting of small earthen bowls with oil and a wick). In Thadingyut, Myanmar people pay homage not only to the three Gems of Venerations (Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha), but also to parents, teachers and elder relatives. They visit and go round paying homage and respect to parents, and respectable elders and offer gifts. This is the good tradition of Myanmar and Buddhist culture, and it has been maintaining and practicing for many centuries.

Being as the Buddhist Myanmar people, SATHAPANA staff across Myanmar follow the good culture and tradition by paying homage and respect to the elders and seniors during the time of Thadingyut festival.


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