Branch Management Workshop at Bagan

On 27th October 2017, SATHAPANA Limited (SPNM) held its Branch Management Workshop at Bagan Thiripyitsaya Hotel, Bagan, Mandalay Region, Myanmar with the participation of Director, Executive Committee, Management, Regional Managers and Branch Managers. The workshop proved very fruitful through the presentation of branch’s achievement as well as company’s achievement, followed by key challenges and issues of all functional managements – and ended with the sharing of leadership philosophy.


The remarkable development of the company could be seen by just comparing the number of participant in this workshop to the number of participant in last year workshop. More importantly, most of participants were local people who have been developing and handling key positions at management level. The human resources development has been the first priority objective for SPNM as it realizes that people is an absolutely crucial resource in business development and growth.


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