Corn Cultivation





Corn is one of the most important crops followed after rice production in Myanmar and it is also a prime cereal in food chain of human beings. According to the published reports, it is noted that the total corn plantation area in Myanmar is about 1 to 1.2 million acres and the yield is 2.5 to 2.9 million metric tons per year.

Over 55% of production is cultivated in Shan State and it is also sown in Sagaing region, Karen state, Kachin state, Kayah state and Ayeyarwady region. About 85% of the total cultivated area is sown as rain-fed crop during the rainy season from May through June and harvested between October and November. The remaining 15%, is cultivated as dry-season crop in November and December and harvested between March and April.

It is said that about 40% of the yield is used by domestic consumption such as animal feed production for poultry and swine sectors, confectionery and bakery businesses, and alcohol manufacturing by local distilleries. And the leftover 60% approximately is exported to Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, China and India. Corn crop is one of the agricultural produce that contributes a large inflow of foreign currency for the country.

SATHAPANA Limited always encourages the cultivation of corn which is such an essential crop in agricultural sector of Myanmar. SATHAPANA has provided the total loan amount of 2.43 billion kyat to 1,338 corn farmers in Taunggyi, Aungban, Yatsauk, Namhsan, Phekon, Pyinoolwin and Hpa-An townships for Monsoon Corn Cultivation this year 2022.





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