Happy Water Festival & Myanmar New Year 2024

As the Myanmar New Year is approaching, bringing the promise of renewal, hope, and happiness, we at SATHAPANA Limited are delighted to embrace this auspicious occasion. The New Year, traditionally celebrated in the second week of April, is when the people of Myanmar engage in the vibrant tradition of water splashing, symbolising the washing away of the previous year’s impurities and the ushering in of a fresh start.

In the spirit of this centuries-old tradition, the staff of SATHAPANA Limited commemorated the Myanmar New Year with a festive water festival celebration on April 11, 2024. All staff from HO participated in the event at our Head Office by performing traditional dances, enjoying sumptuous snacks and splashing and tossing water at each other.

As we enter this New Year, we extend our heartfelt wishes for good health, prosperity, and tremendous success to all our stakeholders and the people of Myanmar. May this New Year bring peace, love, and happiness for all.

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