Rice Cultivation in Monsoon


Rice is the main staple crop consumed by the people of Myanmar on a daily basis (as a daily diet) no matter how the challenges and struggles are being faced.

According to the research data, average 60% of calorie and daily dietary energy requirements are derived from rice for the people of Myanmar living in both urban and rural areas. Approximately 50% of agricultural land are being cultivated rice crop, and it contributes to about 40% of the total production of the agricultural sector in Myanmar. And rice production contributes about 14% of the total GDP of Myanmar.

SATHAPANA Limited always encourages rice cultivation which is such a vital crop in the agricultural sector of the country. SATHAPANA has provided 8.825 billion kyats as Agriculture Loan (Only for Rice Crop) to 8,547 clients across Myanmar in this year’s Monsoon Rice Cultivation Season, from April to July of 2022.



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