SAM Pilot Project, Financed by SATHAPANA

Maize is one of the important crops for farmers, especially in Shan State. It is cash crop and more than 50% of Myanmar’s annual production is exported to China, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries.

As part of Smart Agriculture Myanmar (SAM) Pilot Project, SATHAPANA has provided agricultural finance to 14 small maize farmers in Taunggyi and Yet Sauk Township.

Smart Agriculture Myanmar (SAM) Pilot Project aims to expand the provision of required information services to smallholder farmers to improve their farming practices, yields, market prices, market access and access to cost-efficient input finance, especially for smallholder-maize farmers in Southern Shan State.

The SAM project has been collaborated together by partner parties of Impact Terra who is the developer for mobile Golden Paddy digital service platform to provide good farming knowledge and practices to farmers, Financial Access who developed sustainable agricultural financing solution, and SATHAPANA Limited to provide input credit to identified selected farmers in Taunggyi and Yat Sauk Township.





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