SATHAPANA Limited, recognized as “The Best Companies to Work in Myanmar”

SATHAPANA Limited recognized as “The Best Companies to Work in Myanmar”
6th December 2023, Yangon

SATHAPANA Limited has achieved one of “The Best Companies to Work in Myanmar (BCIM) Award”, powered by JobNet and the awarding ceremony was held at SATHAPANA Limited (HO) at 10:30 AM today.

The ceremony was attended by Mr Matt De Luca, Managing Director, and distinguished guests from JobNet, Mr Sudeep Gupta, CEO of SATHAPANA Limited and Executive Committee Members, Heads of Departments and all the staff from SATHAPANA Yangon Head Office.
The ceremony was inaugurated, and Mr. Matt delivered an opening address about the “The Best Companies to Work in Myanmar 2023” program.

Mr Sudeep Gupta, CEO of SATHAPANA Limited, delivered a cheerful speech on the occasion. Mr. Gupta said that as a member of the SATHAPANA family, he feels very proud of this achievement. He confirmed that each employee has played a crucial role in this achievement and their dedication, passion, and relentless pursuit of excellence have brought us here today. As a company, we have shown that when we work together, support each other, and believe in our mission, there is no challenge too great, and no goal too ambitious.

He highlighted that this award reflects our culture, which values every individual, encourages innovation, and fosters a sense of belonging and will continue to define us as we move forward. Mr Gupta also said not to rest on our laurels. This recognition should motivate us to strive for even greater heights, and we should continue to innovate, challenge ourselves, and set new benchmarks in our industry. Mr Gupta also highlighted that success is not a destination but a journey. And on this journey, our values, our people, and our culture will guide us. So, let us celebrate this moment, but let us also look ahead with determination and ambition. Mr Gupta thanked all the employees for their hard work, commitment, and belief in Sathapana and committed and together, we will continue to make Sathapana a great place to work, a great partner to our clients, and a great contributor to our community.

The ceremony progressed as scheduled; Mr Matt De Luca awarded the Trophy and Certificate to our CEO Mr. Sudeep Gupta who accepted it on behalf of SATHAPANA Limited.

Ms May Myat Moe Hlaing, Head of the Human Resource Department of SATHAPANA Limited, delivered the vote of thanks, and the ceremony concluded at 11:30 AM with a group photo session followed by snacks and refreshments.


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