The Act of Providing Dry Food to Flood Natural Disaster Victimsin Bago Township, Bago Region.

11 October 2023.

SATHAPANA Limited Myanmar not only offers microfinance services but also takes its corporate social responsibility (CSR) seriously by actively assisting the community to the most possible extent. On this occasion, SATHAPANA carried out a commendable initiative by extending support to the flood victims in Bago Township, an area within its operational scope.

The donation included a thoughtful assortment of food essentials such as rice, cooking oil, canned fish, fried dried fish, instant noodles, purified drinking water, and oral rehydration solutions. What sets this initiative apart is that the staff themselves procured and packaged these items, and then distributed to 267 households temporally accommodated at Rescue Camp number 10, located at Kalyarni Theindawgyi Monastery, which is under the management of the Natural Disaster Management Committee of Bago Township. In the spirit of gratitude, we extend our appreciation to all individuals designated for this endeavor, as well as the dedicated staff at SATHAPANA who played an instrumental role in making this generous donation a reality.

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