The Branch Management Workshop 2024

SATHAPANA Limited successfully convened its Branch Management Workshop on March 23, 2024 at Ngwe Saung Yacht Club & Resort, a gathering that brought together all the company’s leadership teams across Myanmar. All the CXOs, HODs, Deputy HODs, Regional Managers, Unit Managers, and Branch Managers attended the Workshop. The event was marked by a series of speeches, discussions, and award ceremonies that celebrated the collective achievements and set the stage for future strategies and endeavours.

In his inaugural address, Mr Sudeep Gupta, CEO of SATHAPANA Limited, extended a heartfelt welcome to all attendees. He highlighted the workshop’s significance as a platform for reflecting on past accomplishments, addressing current challenges, and strategizing for the upcoming financial year. He also highlighted SATHAPANA’s remarkable growth, which has led to SPNM becoming Myanmar’s largest microfinance institution in FY’24, with an extensive distribution network across the nation.

Praising the staff’s unwavering dedication, Mr Gupta attributed the company’s success to their professionalism, resilience, and adherence to core values. He emphasized that SATHAPANA Limited profoundly impacts the lives of its clients and employees, fostering entrepreneurship, improving living standards, and offering rewarding career opportunities.

Looking ahead, Mr. Gupta called for continued hard work, innovation, and collaboration to maintain the company’s leading position and to achieve ambitious goals. He firmly believed in the team’s ability to overcome challenges and uphold the company’s mission and values.

The workshop concluded with the CEO expressing his gratitude for the staff’s commitment and the Marketing and Admin teams’ efforts in organizing the event. He reaffirmed his confidence in the team’s ability to support one another and work collectively towards a prosperous 2024.


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