The Full Moon Day of Kasone or Buddha Day

According to the Myanmar calendar, the full-moon day of Kason is a significant and revered day for Buddhists. It is the day when the Gautama Buddha received the prophecy that he would become a Buddha, the day Prince Siddhartha, the future Gautama Buddha, was born, the day he attained supreme enlightenment and became the Buddha, and the day he entered Parinibbana. Because of these events, Buddhists hold Buddha Day in great reverence.

As the Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment under the Maha Bodhi tree on the full-moon day of Kason, Buddhists also honor and worship the Bodhi tree. On this day, Buddhists go to nearby pagodas to offer water to the Maha Bodhi tree.

SATHAPANA Limited wishes that on the full-moon day of Kason, all members of SATHAPANA and the people of Myanmar will engage in meritorious deeds such as offering water, releasing fish and birds, and observing the precepts to accumulate merit.

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