Warning Announcement

Date 3.1.2023

(1) SATHAPANA Limited is the microfinance institution legally established according to Microfinance Business Law of Myanmar, and officially registered at Financial Regulatory Department (FRD) of Ministry of Planning and Finance.

(2) Now-a-days, some people are creating Fake Social Media accounts, using SATHAPANA’s name, its Logo and photos of staff, and trying to cheat SATHAPANA’s clients and public by asking advance service charges for loan services.

(3) SATHAPANA Limited has never practiced for collecting such advance service charges. Our financial services are provided at the doorstep of our clients by our staff during KYC and due diligence process. The loans are disbursed only at the SATHAPANA’s branches to eligible clients and service charges are collected only at the time of disbursement and no advance charges is at all required for SATHAPANA’s loan service. And, no middlemen (or) brokers also is necessary in between.

(4) Therefore, we would like to request you to inform to following address and telephone numbers if you are asked for advance payment by those cheaters while accessing SATHAPANA’s financial services.

(5) Serious warning is given to those cheaters, who are creating Fake Accounts by using SATAPANA’s name, Logo and staff photos, to stop these kind of habits and malpractices immediately. Otherwise, the severe Legal Action will be taken by existing laws.

(6) Some of those Fake Accounts are as mentioned below.

No-351 (B), Pyay Road, Sanchaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar.
Tele: 09964556204





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