Effective Branch Management Training – 7

Sustainability is our business concept. We have learned that Skills and Professional Competency are one of the Capitals that guarantees our business survival and as well as our clients’. Hence, human resource development throughout the company is always our top priority. 


SATHAPANA has successfully provided its employees with another intensive training to reassure achievements of its strategic plan. On 4th to 6th March 2020, several managerial levels from all branches nationwide gathered at Naypyitaw Branch to receive Effective Branch Management Training Batch – 7 of our Successor Development Program. The training modules have been designed in order to enhance the capacity and capability of our future leaders.


The training modules covered the following subjects:

1. HR Policy 
2. Credit Policy 
3. Effective Team Building
4. Credit Risk Management
5. Performance Management
6. Technique for Operational Management
7. Financial Management
8. Leadership
9. Getting the Most Important Things Done Today
10. Customer Service
11. Client Protection Principles



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