Opportunities with Microbiology Processes in Agricultural Sector

A momentous agricultural knowledge-sharing forum was held at the esteemed Ywar Tan Hall, nestled in the heart of the Ywar Tan Village Tract of Yamethin Township, on 29 May 2024. The “Opportunities with Microbiology Processes in Agricultural Sector” symposium kicked off at 9:00 AM and wrapped up at 12:00 PM. A staggering 300 grape farmers from 24 unique villages within the Ywar Tan Village Tract actively participated in the event, underscoring the forum’s local relevance and impact.

The forum represented a concerted collaboration effort between SATHAPANA Limited Myanmar, Myint Mo Shyan Agriculture Support Center, John Deere – Capital Automotive Ltd Myanmar and Capital Taiyo Life Insurance Company Limited, showcasing a partnership model in the agricultural industry.

The forum commenced with an insightful opening address by Dr Tin Htut Oo, the esteemed former Union Minister for Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation. This address set a tone of innovation and progress for the day’s proceedings.

The forum was graced with esteemed speakers who shared their profound knowledge and insights. U Thant Zaw Soe, a renowned agricultural expert, delivered a compelling presentation titled “Opportunities with Microbiology Processes in the Agricultural Sector”. His discourse provided valuable insights into cutting-edge microbiological applications within agriculture. The session continued with U Min Thiha, the Farm Manager from the Tropical Fruit Research and Development Center, part of the Department of Agricultural Research. He led an engaging discussion on “Safe Grape Cultivation Practices,” imparting crucial knowledge on sustainable farming methods.

The forum’s primary objective was to equip grape farmers with advanced knowledge concerning using beneficial microorganisms and natural inputs. The anticipated outcomes included:

  • Mitigation of health risks associated with harmful farming practices.
  • Reduction in the financial burden of agricultural inputs.
  • Enhancement of public food safety for end consumers.
  • Minimization of soil degradation, thereby promoting environmental sustainability.

In a showcase of industry collaboration, representatives from SATHAPANA Limited Myanmar, Myint Mo Shyan Agriculture Support Center, John Deere—Capital Automotive Ltd Myanmar, and Capital Taiyo Life Insurance Company Limited presented their latest products and services. They also engaged in a dynamic Q&A session, addressing the attendees’ queries and concerns.

The event drew to a close with a heartfelt vote of thanks delivered by U Chit Pee, a local grape farmer, who expressed gratitude on behalf of all participants. This was followed by a communal lunch, symbolising our shared purpose and commitment to the agricultural community. The lunch provided an opportunity for further networking and knowledge exchange, reinforcing the sense of community among the attendees.


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