The Branch Management Workshop 2023

18 March 2023, Ngwe Saung, Ayeyarwady Region.

SATHAPANA Limited held its Branch Management workshop on the 18th of March for the year 2023. Workshop was attended by all the CXOs, HODs, Deputy HODs & Managers from Head Office, Regions and Branches.

The meeting opened with the Inaugural speech of CEO Mr. Sudeep Gupta. In his remarks, Mr. Gupta said that such workshops are essential as they allow all participants to know about past glories & achievements, present challenges with action plans to overcome them and formulate business strategies for the next financial year to take SATHAPANA Limited to new highs. Mr. Gupta also spoke that such workshops provide a good chance for everyone to gather and cheer on the achievements and discuss the lessons learned from the past.

Mr Gupta mentioned that Myanmar has been facing unprecedented challenges due to the impact of the pandemic and political crisis. Like any other business sector in Myanmar, the microfinance sector, including SATHAPANA, has also suffered painstakingly. Mr. Gupta said that it is not easy to overcome all these challenges, especially in a scenario like today. Still, SATHAPANA, to some extent, has managed to overcome these challenges with the help of dedication, hard work and teamwork of all its employees and by following the magic quote, “We Love SATHAPANA” and “We Can Do It”. SATHAPANA successfully sustained its business operations during the last three years. Mr. Gupta also expressed his sincere gratitude to all the employees, on behalf of shareholders and the board of directors, for the commitment, passion and hard work of all employees of SATHAPANA Limited, especially in these challenging times of crisis and hardship.

Finally, Mr. Gupta said that this “branch management workshop” is significantly essential, both in theory and practice, to evaluate the past and formulate strategic plans and directions to protect the company from all risks to sustain SATHAPANA’s business operations in years ahead, and to respond to the needs of all stakeholders such as regulators, shareholders, board of directors, management, staff, and clients.

The workshop progressed as scheduled. All the Regional and Branch Managers got the opportunity to share their business plans for the next financial year with the management. The event went on with great enthusiasm, impactful discussions and interactive questions and answers sessions.The workshop also marked the award ceremony, and awards were given in the category of the “Exemplary Performance Award”, “Longest Serving Award” and “Most Profitable Branch Award” for FY’2023 by CEO, DCEO, and COO respectively. The workshop room was filled with loads of applause and excitement.

The workshop ended on the same day with the closing remarks of Mr. Gupta. Mr. Gupta in his closing remarks mentioned that the strategic plans and discussions in the workshop are crucially necessary. Still, at the same time, the proper implementation of those plans is equally essential to achieve them. Mr. Gupta encouraged all the participants in the workshop to work harder and put all possible efforts into achieving the company’s vision and mission to provide sustainable financial services to all the deserving clients and people of Myanmar.


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