The Social Welfare Provision of FY 2020-2021

“The Social Welfare Program” of SATHAPANA Limited was established with aiming to provide “Social Protection” to its clients. The program supports SATHAPANA’s clients in the time of childbirth, client death, client disablement, and facing natural disasters such as fired and floods. By the help of this Social Welfare Program, the financial burden and the negative impact of the incidents of SATHAPANA’s clients can be relieved up to some extent.
SATHAPANA Limited has provided a total of 1.3 Billion MMK to its 6062 clients during 2020-2021 financial year (From October 2020 to September 2021) under “Social Welfare Program”.
We hereby reaffirm our commitments to put all possible endeavors and efforts to sustain this “Social Welfare Program” to provide “Social Protection” and help reduce the burden of our Clients, especially in time of crisis.

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