Back-office Unit Assistant

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Microfinance Institution

Report to: Back Office Unit Manager

Position Summary

Performing his/her tasks and duties within the scope described herein closely with back-office unit officers and is directed by a back-office unit manager. The assistant plays basic roles in implementing procedures, guidelines, circulars, and providing technical supports to branches.


  • Branch Operations Inspection
  • Performs operations inspection in order to review the efficacy and sufficiency of implementation of the procedure manual, guidelines, and other circulars at branches.
  • Prepares inspection findings reports for the department head.
  • Frequently updates the scope of operations inspection
  • Helps to identify weakness in daily operations and initiate ideas for improvements.
  • Closely coordinate with other units in department for the better operations based on inspection


  • Service and Product Development
  • Participate in new product research as needed.
  • Take part in new product or service development and system testing and implementation.


  • Capacity Development
  • Constantly improve skills and knowledge to cope with the company’s expansion.
  • Facilitate new recruitment and refreshment training course.


  • Reporting and Others
  • Report verbally or in writing to the unit manager about incidents or issues.
  • Prepare various reports for internal and external users.
  • Keep observing report format in match with operations
  • Perform other tasks as required


  • Education
  • At least Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, banking, or business administration
  • Other Bachelor’s degree with diplomas or certificates in the related fields.
  • Language
  • Proficient in Myanmar Language
  • Being able to communicate in English is preferable.
  • Practical Experiences and Skills
  • Experiences in financial or banking in industry
  • Experiences in any multi-branch company
  • Good skill in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Knowledge of any financial or banking computerized systems
  • Good at teamwork and interpersonal skill
  • Good problem-solving skill
  • Be well-organized and a good starter
  • Emotional and Physical Demands
  • Good emotional quotient
  • Be self-motivated
  • Good willpower
  • Be healthy and strong
  • Be well-dressed or well-groomed

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