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Position Summary

Deputy Head of Internal Audit Department administratively reports to the Chief Executive Officer and functional reports to Head of Internal Audit Department. He/ She is responsible for all internal audit operations of SATHAPANA Limited (Myanmar) including developing a master plan and work plan to achieve the goal of each period. He/ She is responsible to help an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.


Duties and Responsibilities of Deputy Head of Internal Audit Department

(1) Head office audit

Plan, carry out and report on compliance on audit to verify that all financial document and cash transaction and procurement have been done in conform to the policy of SPN Ltd.

  • Verify for all transactions of fixed asset purchase whether it is complying to the policy of SPN Ltd, this would include request from any user office, approval, procurement and product quality to ensure that SPN Ltd. benefit has been maintained.
  • Review for governance, risk and control process are operating effectively.
  • Cash management, this included the cash transfer to branches and cash received from other resources, all activities have been done in a safe guard and in conform to SPN Policy.
  • Check and verify, cash at bank and cash flows book whether it is matched in balance. Bank reconciliation has been done to ensure balance of each account is correct. To ensure that all SPN property at the head office is kept in a safe place and use it properly.
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting: All expenses must comply with the principle finance policy and approved by the manager attached with the invoice and receipt. Each transaction has record in the proper account; all journal vouchers have approval. General ledger is matched with the cash books. Financial reports are accurate.


(2) Branch Audit

Plan, carry out and reports on compliance audit to verify that all financial transaction, cash transaction and administrative are done in conform to the SPN policy;        

  • Cash management: verify to ensure that cash has been managed well by branch that included, minimum cash balance keep in safe, in bank, each transaction has signature and approved by manager. All cash are kept in safe place, cash demand for each period has been prepared and report to H/O to ensure all demand of cash has supplied on time.
  • Bookkeeping, Accounting: All expenses must comply with the principle finance policy and approved by the manager attached with the invoice and receipt. Each transaction included loan to customer and saving has record in the proper account, all journal voucher has approval. General ledger is match with the cash books. Financial reports are accurate and reports on time to H/O.
  • Administrative: To ensure that all SPN assets have been used properly in comply to SPN All are kept in a safe place and there is inventory list has been monitor adequacy.
  • Loan Process: To ensure that loan assessment, business plan conducted, guarantor, loan decision making, approval by local authority, loan approval, late loan monitoring and follow up are done in comply to credit policy. Loan loss record and recovery are maintained.
  • Loan Documentation: All loan and client document are kept in order and safe place, this include the collateral, and client file as well as accounting documentation.
  • Checked and commend on improvement of each branch that included: Portfolio quality, loan management, expansion as well as disciplinary of branch office.


(3) Field Level

Plan, carry out and reports on the management of the field staff level include: satisfaction of client with SPN, marketing, reputation and image of SPN Ltd.:

  • Sampling of borrowers: visit borrowers and borrower groups and verification that no phantom borrowers exist.
  • Loan officer has been well represented for SPN in the field, showing honest to public offering transparence service and earning more respect from public to themselves and SPN Ltd.
  • SPN name has been promoted in effective manner and SPN name is well known.
  • Customers are served adequately.
  • Data security and data integrity are maintained.
  • Check for correctness of teller levels as per SPN credit policy.
  • Lending policies and procedures comprising loan application, appraisal, decision-making and so forth are applied properly by management and credit agents.


(4) Reporting and resources management 

  • Evaluating auditor performance, providing on-the-job training and counseling auditors to strengthen the person’s knowledge/skills/development.
  • Developing and maintaining productivity, staff, and management relationships through individual contacts and group meetings.
  • Reviewing and issuing individual branch audit reports, department audit reports, special audit report and provide recommendations for ultimately improvement actions.
  • Facilitating the audit process by resolving issues and staff questions during the day-to-day progress of audits with respect to efficiency and effectiveness of operation.



(5)To plan: carry out and report on administration to ensure optimal working conditions in all operation departments and at branch office level. This involves, among others, the following activities:

  • Provision andmaintenance of good and safe working facilities in all department including audit department and branches office.
  • To ensure that each staff in operation department including branch level has job description, has clear structure and perform their duties well (has done annual evaluation).
  • To perform others duties as required.



(6) To contribute to the development of SPN as whole in order to maintain SPN in a leading position in micro finance sector for the long run.

  • Develop a master plan for audit department including the working plan for each period so that the audit department having clear goal to achieve.
  • Develop and testing audit policy and procedure of internal control to be effectiveness and adaptable, to secure all SPN benefit are highly maintained.
  • Participate in Executive committee of SPN, contribute to develop in all area as possible such as operation function, Finance and administration, Human resources, and Information Technology functions.


Required Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

Deputy Head of Internal Audit department should possess the following characteristics:

  1. Educational background in banking/finance, accounting, business or economic at MA or BA degree level, CIA, ACCA, CIMA and CPA candidates are preferable.
  2. At least 5+ years of relevant auditing experience in the micro-finance / banking sector and 2 years in managerial level.
  3. Good understanding of financial accounting principles.
  4. Good computer skill (incl. the accounting & MIS software, Ms. Office) and willingness to learn new software system.
  5. Good knowledge in IT auditing.
  6. Good ability to speak and write English.
  7. High motivation and ability to progress tasks without close supervision.
  8. Knowledge in applying internal auditing and accounting principles and practices, and management principal and preferred business practices.
  9. Considerable knowledge of the standard and code of ethics.
  10. Knowledge of contemporary risk management and control techniques and working knowledge of contemporary control frameworks.
  11. Working knowledge of control and risk self-assessment facilitation techniques.
  12. Considerable knowledge if industrial policies, procedures, regulations and laws.
  13. Familiarity with the common indicators of fraud.
  14. Considerable skill in negotiating issues and resolving problems.
  15. Ability to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with customers, co-workers, staff, and external contacts, and work effectively in a professional team 

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