Head of Finance

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Microfinance Institution

Report to: Chief Financial Officer

Position Summary

The Head of Finance is responsible to manage finance, accounting and treasury functions of finance department and administrating its policy and procedure and facilitating in those functions’ activities and to ensure all related individuals to performance their work effectively.


(1) Perform accounting and tax function

  • Overseeing and ensuring the preparation of related financial documents such as payment voucher, journal voucher for company book keeping are well-prepared, in line with procedure, and guideline at head office.
  • Create control and make sure that there is a person who reviews the correctness or reasonability of the GL accounts posting to accounting system.
  • Initiate, create or update finance related forms when necessary and prepare procedure / guideline for head office and branches.
  • Check and verify prepaid, accrued listing and depreciation schedule of fixed assets to make sure of accurate calculation.
  • Training related function staff to provide technical support to branches for accounting related transactions and issues, and other accounting related tasks as required.
  • Create training materials and provide training to relevant staff.

(2) Perform financial related function

  • Verify the correctness of the data used in preparing reports and to meet submitting deadline to related stakeholders.
  • Verify the reports generated by accounting system and prepare monthly, quarterly, semester and yearly reports and compliance certificates for related stakeholders.
  • Assign responsible staff to prepare plan versus actual reports, control and follow up budget plan for branches and consolidated budget and report to manager.
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annually financial reports for related stakeholders.
  • Prepare financial ratios and financial covenants to keep track the compliance of SATHAPANA to the creditors’ or regulators’ requirements.
  • Check and update any update relevant tax law to ensure that compliance of tax law in company.
  • Review tax related documents & reports and responsible control for monthly, quarterly, and annually declaration of tax to government tax authority and provide technical assistance to branches related to tax reporting and issues.
  • Assign staff to provide technical support to branches for financial related transactions and issue, and other finance related tasks as required.

(3) Perform treasury functions as follow:

(a) Liquidity Management

  • Review consolidating cash projection report for all branches and HQ, as whole.
  • Responsible for ensuring effective and efficient use of fund.
  • Daily management short-term investments, includes verify processing all cash transaction, review daily cash reporting and recommending for funding/investment decisions.
  • Monitor the compliance of policies and procedures.

(b) Verification of Bank Transactions

  • Monitoring available balance in the bank’s current/saving accounts and ensuring availability to meet drawings and funding for branches’ operation.
  • Monitoring all update information of the bank’s accounts.
  • Review monthly reconciliation of bank accounts, inter-branch accounts and main cash accounts at HQ.
  • Coordinate with related banks and financial institutions in order to maintain good relation for maximizing business benefits.
  • Open bank accounts for new branches and update bank accounts’ signatories depending on the situations.

(c) Funding Management

    • Responsible for facilitate in making contracts and loan repayment schedule of SATHAPANA to creditors.
    • Verified accrual interest and prepaid expense report that related to creditors.
    • Assign staff to check invoice payment for creditors and follow up payments.

(4) Participate in developing of finance, accounting and treasury policy procedure and instruction to accomplish financial objective/company vision.

  • Discuss and share current financial/accounting challenges and issues and find solution.
  • Assist supervisor/manager for preparing or amendment of policy or procedure if needed.
  • Ensure staffs are well-understood to policy and procedure.

(5) Documentation both hard and soft copy tidily for ensuring all accounting files are well maintained and good visibility of accounting documents for authorized persons.

  • Responsible to assign staff for filing financial/accounting documents in appropriate condition.
  • Verify the correctness and completeness of financial/accounting documents before submitting for authorization.
  • Ensure the appropriate storage of soft copy of all financial/accounting documents.

(6) Personal and team capacity development:

  • Actively participate in professional up-grading courses as required.
  • Be an active learner. Play an active role in seeking out and participate in learning experiences.
  • Ensuring the team member ability is enough for doing their tasks and team, as a whole, is doing well and on time.
  • Sharing and coaching frequently in order to strengthen a high productive team work.

(7) Other tasks assigned by managers as needed.



  • Bachelor degree in business administration, accounting/finance or pursuing CPA/ACCA in Professional level.
  • Minimum two years working experience in related field.
  • Demonstrated interpersonal and problem solving skills.
  • Computer Skill: Microsoft Office.
  • Good in English, Burmese and Japanese is an advantage.

To apply for this job email your details to recruitment@sathapana.com.mm